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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Get Latest Airdrops

For long, I have been discussing several ways to make money passively online and through legitimate means in which cryptocurrency is the latest and one of the easiest way to make cool cash especially when you mine from real sites that do not require you paying a dime to anyone before getting the coin/rewards you deserve. To know more on how to get free cryptocurrencies through mining, read,Get Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash,BitcoinCash & Dogecoin for Free Through Mining. Everything you need to know to get started has been explained fully and well detailed.

I will talking about another fantastic way to make money online passively without stress in the world 
of cryptos and it is simply called Airdrop which are also regarded as free coins.
Facts About Airdrops
A​ ​crypto airdrop​ ​is​ ​when​ ​a​ ​blockchain project distribute​s free​ ​tokens or coins to​ ​the​ crypto ​community which companies uses in creating awareness for their projects. For example, I got free tokens from CNN and Havven airdrops and waiting for them to hit exchange whereby I can either hodl and see it moon before selling off. 

 -The beauty of most airdrops is that participants are given unique codes/referrals links which they can share with their friends and followers through social media to get more tokens. Such strategy has been employed by most companies to have successful sales.  

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-Airdrops are ABSOLUTELY FREE though the giving a airdrop  do require the recipients to perform small and easy tasks such as joining their Telegram group, Tweeting about such projects and many more

-Airdrops are marketing strategy. Every airdrops have set of rules and regulations and in order to enjoy airdrops, participants must ensure they have at least, a Telegram app, a Facebook account, a Twitter account, MyEtherWallet (MEW) or im Token App and other requirements as may be specified.

- Most airdrops are given out in Ethereum  as these coins are mostly used in cryptocurrency markest for exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum

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-However, most airdrops are given out after such company must have successfully sold out their targeted tokens, that is, the PRE-ICO or ICO in any exchange of their choice. 

-Make sure your check you’re the wallets you used for airdrops registration regularly to know if you have been given free coins as some projects do not announce that they have started dishing out airdrops. 

Below is the current list of airdrops which I have discovered and will keep updating as they unfolds. Ensure to read carefully the procedures as they have been well detailed.

Remember: In order to participate in these airdrops, you must have a Telegram app (username will be required) , ERC20 Wallet, Twitter account and any other special tasks as may be prescribed to enjoy the airdrops.

Swiss Alps 
Coupon One 
Alpaca Net

Cearus Connections 

Once you get your free crypto coins, wait for it till it reaches major exchange market whereby you can either sell it off immediately or HODL till it MOONS and you sell.

Join Airdrops Gang Channel on Telegram for latest and scam free airdrops

Always visit this post everyday for latest airdrops as I will be updating the list as I come across viable airdrops.

Have you truly enjoy airdrops, share your experience with airdrops in the comment sections.

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