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Friday, March 16, 2018

Earn Free Recharge Card With Mcent Browser

Hi everyone, I just came across a very fantastic app that rewards you with points which you can convert to talk time recharge. Unbelievable right but it is real.
The app Mcent Browser is a regular browsing app that has over 10 million downloads from Goggle Playstore.  The app first started as Mcent App whereby you download and open recommended app and you get free talk time credit but with Mcent Browser, you get rewarded by simply using the browser to view your normal websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Nairaland and so many more. It the regular functions a normal browser should have such as Ad-Blocker, Download, Incognito Browsing, Night/Day Mode and so on.
Follow the below instructions to get started.

The first thing you have to do to start getting points from the app is to click here to go directly to Google Playstore where you will download and install the app on your phone.

Open the installed app on your phone and sign up using your Facebook ID or register directly with a phone number. It depends on your choice, however, if you should use Facebook to sign up, you will still have to add a phone number inside your account so that you can easily recharge that phone number with your points.
I however recommend you use the phone number method. Just follow the simple instruction. Put your desired phone number wait for your confirmation code usually 4 digits. (I discovered that Glo and Airtel takes time to deliver the confirmation code while MTN is faster). I used MTN for my own confirmation code.

Once you confirm your phone number, you set to start getting recharge card just as you browse. The longer you use the site for browsing the more your points will increase which you can easily add to your account and finally use to get recharge card for free.

- Use MTN during registration so as to easily get your confirmation code because I discovered other network takes time to deliver your code.
- You can easily add another number to cash out your recharge rather than your main line. Very easy to do. Just get set up first.
- Invite your friends through referral link and get additional bonus (optional but recommended). Make sure they download the app directly from Google Playstore and once they install and register, you get 9000points bonus.

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To be sincere, I will not really say it has a disadvantage compared to the airtime you will be getting because the app does sometimes display ads which you can easily close. I found out that the company makes money too when you use the browser to visit their sponsored links.

Note: The more you use the app, the more your points will increase and the higher your reward.

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